Back to Basics

Picture this...

While walking around the supermarket, putting staples in your trolley, there's a part of you that wonders 'could I make this?'

You brush the thought aside because surely if it was easy & quick everyone would.

We know you're sick of spending a fortune on your weekly grocery shop (& more & more every week).

  • - You could make bread, taco seasoning, yoghurt, jam, butter, mayo... all your weekly staples, quickly, easily & for a lot less than you pay at the supermarket?

    - Your kitchen was a place, you could prepare a meal for your family easily because it was organised and you had everything you need on hand?

    - When the kids asked for cookies you could walk into the pantry knowing you had everything you need?

    - Mexican night you no longer required an Old El Paso box?

Let us help you

Hi, we're Claire & Kylie and between us we have 6 kids and 2 husbands (so essentially 8 kids 😂 #kiddingsortof).

Kylie homeschools and Claire has her toddler home 24/7 & we run our own businesses.

TRUST US - we know what it's like to have limited time.

We understand trying to stick to a budget, while wanting to feed your family real, quality food - like our great-grandmothers would have done.

Let us teach you the skills and recipes to help you feel confident in your kitchen.


    5 modules of recipes including:

    - Staples (eg. Butter, Vegetable Stock Paste, Apple Cider Vinegar)

    - Basic Doughs (eg. Bread, Pasta, Shortcrust Pastry)

    - Sweet Basics (eg. Cookies, Muffins, Muesli Bars, Custard)

    - Condiments (eg. Dips, Mayonnaise, Jam)

    - Flavours & Marinades (eg. Curry Pastes, Spice Mixes, Salad Dressings)

  • Food Preservation

    5 methods for preserving food:

    - Fermenting & Pickling

    - Freezing

    - Food Storage (Storing foods for short and long term)

    - Canning (Intro to Water Bath and Pressure Canning)

    - Vacuum Sealing and Dehydrating

  • Well Stocked Kitchen

    5 eBooks covering:

    - Kitchen Staples (pantry, fridge & freezer checklists)

    - Kitchen tools

    - Grocery budgeting

    - Meal Prep

    - Simple swaps (common ingredients you can use as substitutions)


"It has given me so much joy and confidence to get in and make food in my kitchen. You are teaching me the step by steps as well as devloping my sense and intuition when cooking."

- Mary (Back to Basics customer)

  • Once-a-month Shopping Workshop

    On-demand 1 hour workshop where you will learn easy steps to set yourself up once-a-month shopping to save time, $$ and your sanity.

  • 21 Day Kitchen Declutter

    21 daily, step-by-step, small actions (5 min or less) to help you declutter & center the heart of your home (the kitchen and YOU). 

    So that your kitchen becomes a place where you feel at peace & in control.

  • How long do I have to access content?

    Once you enrol you will have lifetime access.

    When can I access the content?

    As soon as you enrol you will have access to module one and the eBooks. A new module will then be made available each week.

  • Do I need Facebook?

    No. The course is run on its own dedicated platform which comes with a mobile app should you wish to access it on your device.

  • How do I ask questions?

    Back to Basics includes a live community platform for asking questions and interacting with other members.

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